Good gun alert: 20g Fox Sterlingworth, 28″, ejectors…

20g Fox Sterlingworth Shotgun, 28" barrels, Ejectors
20g Fox Sterlingworth Shotgun, 28″ barrels, Ejectors

Here’s a double a lot of guys are looking for – and for good reason. Fox Sterlingworths are great American doubles. Finding one in 20g with this much condition, 28″ barrels and ejectors is tough to do.

If you like the looks of it, get on it now. It’s online and the auction ends 9/15/13 19:05:0. Here are the spec from the seller:

A.H. Fox Sterlingworth, 20 ga. side by side shotgun. Serial #263097, mfg. 1929. Very good condition. Oh boy, oh boy, we have a Prom Queen here! Go get the crown! Beautiful and elegant 20 ga. Sterlingworth on the small frame with ejectors and CONDITION: 70% fading case colors and 95% blue on the barrels! Yee haw! Nice tight action. 28″ ribbed barrels. Bright bores. Choked M/F. Marked “Savage Arms Corp., Utica, N.Y. USA” on top of left barrel and “Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel” on right top of barrel. Original stock has some hunting marks as expected. Hard buttplate. Ejectors work great! Double triggers. All original and gorgeous!

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