Afternoon update: Good call & snow squalls…

The results, and part of what it took.
The results, and part of what it took.

The area of Maine I’m hunting is big country. Outside my door are thousands of acres of  ground , and almost all of it is accessible. That’s great. But it does present a problem: Where the heck do you find birds? In such a big area to scout, you can spend days scouting for covers.

Fortunately, I’ve been up here a couple times and I have a few covers on my maps. These spots produced birds in the past, and so far they’re still popular with the area’s grouse & woodcock.

Puck pointing a running grouse
Puck pointing a  grouse

This afternoon Puck and I headed out to one of them: A cover that’s a mix of wet, boggy areas and poplar & alder growth. Turns out it was a good call.

In about an hour of hunting, we moved  6-8 woodcock and two grouse. I had a 3-4  opportunities on the woodcock, but put only down 1 bird. Both grouse either ran out from Pucks points, or were pointed from far off. Whatever happened, both were heard and not seen.

Snow squall - got pretty heavy...
Snow squall – got pretty heavy…

The weather started out cool and cloudy with breaks of sunshine. By the end of the day a snow squall moved it and things got pretty white for a while. With a little luck, the cold, changing weather will drive more woodcock into the area.


Puck's seat in the truck
Puck’s seat in the truck
She's beat
A great day for the old girl. She’s beat.
Dinner - Hot dogs, Mac & cheese, Beer...
My dinner – hot dogs, Mac & cheese, Beer…

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