Busy, busy…The Vintagers, nice guns, and more…

The Vintagers 2013 Event
The Vintagers 2013 Event

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. My life has been crazy — shooting events, work, training for a race, plus a new house with a long list of honey-do’s to check off before my hunting season can get rolling.

On Saturday I made it down to Addieville, RI, to catch The Vintager’s annual event. The weather was great, and there were a hundred of nice guns there American, British, European. Check out the slideshow below to see a few.

The Fox Collectors and Lefever Collectors had a bunch of fabulous guns on display, and dealers like Steve Barnett and Griffin & Howe had some fabulous pieces on their tables. I hear the shooting was good, too.

Last week I drow 6+ hours and 400+  to check out the Orvis Game Fair in Millbrook, NY. I have to say, this event is turning into a great show. I number of gun dealers were on hand – Connecticut Shotgun, Griffin & Howe, Steve Barnett, etc – along with makers like Purdey and Williams & Son. It was much better attended than Vintagers, and it offered a lot more for everyone in the family. It was also free to get in.

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3 thoughts on “Busy, busy…The Vintagers, nice guns, and more…

  1. Sorry I missed you at the orvis cup.

    Did you pick anything nice up for yourself?

    See the smallore Fox B grade for sale everyone is talking about from the Vintagers?


  2. I didn’t see the Fox. Did it walk in?

    I didn’t buy anything. There were a few temptations there, but I have house projects to pay for now…


  3. Nice collection of vintage sxs in those photos. That .410 Purdey is nothing something you see very often – very unusual engraving for a Purdey. And those Foxes . . . . I didn’t go because I couldn’t trust myself to come home empty handed!

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