Fausti Shotguns, from Covey Rise October/November 2013 issue…

Of all the sporting magazines out there today, Covey Rise is the newest – and one of the most beautiful. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the local bookstore and pick up a cop. I’m sure you’ll be impressed. If you grab the latest issue, you can check out my latest article, excerpted below. I hope you like it.

Fausti Shotguns, from Covey Rise Magazine, October/November 2013 edition
From Covey Rise Magazine, October/November 2013

Passione. Tradizione. Famiglia. By Gregg Elliott

In 1948, a young Italian gunmaker man named Stefano Fausti stood at his workbench, picked up his files, and started a company. For most people, the time would not have seemed propitious. During World War II, Italy had been crushed as armies ground a crimson path to Berlin. But as these armies blew up and bombed their way across the country, they also cleared the way for a new nation…

To read the entire piece, pick up Covey Rise’s October/November 2013 edition on news stands, or subscribe today to Covey Rise Magazine.

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  1. Really nice work Gregg. Should help move some guns almost as much as the Fausti girls.

    Picked up a copy at the orvis store @ 44th and 5th ave.

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