Old England vs. New England…they sure look a lot alike…

Puck and I are back from hunting. We had a great time. While I download some pics and pull together my thoughts, check out this great video of rough shooting in the UK.

Rough shooting is a lot like the kind of upland hunting we do here in the US. Check out the video to see what I mean, and to see how similar the countryside in Old England is to the stuff we see in New England.

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3 thoughts on “Old England vs. New England…they sure look a lot alike…

  1. Awesome looking little pup you have there. Looks like you have quite a dream team now. The birds are going to have nightmares.


  2. There were a lot of birds out there – I wonder if it was a “cleanup” after a driven shoot. That little cocker sure pulled in some long retrieves.

    That countryside looks just like where I grew up in MD – except it has a LOT more pheasants to hunt. Looks like a wonderful area to spend a cool fall afternoon!

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