Yeah – I’m a slacker…

2008 Pheasant opener in South Dakota
2008 Pheasant opener in South Dakota

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been insanely busy since the long weekend — new business pitches, maintaining other accounts, 12 hour days — plus home projects that have to get done NOW! So I’ve too worn out to do anything else. As soon as things slow down a bit, I’ll be back at it, though.

I’m off the last week of this month — hunting in Maine — and I’ll be putting up lots of stories, good guns, alerts, and much more. And if you’re out hunting this weekend, I envy you.

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2 thoughts on “Yeah – I’m a slacker…

  1. Greg,
    Good luck in Maine. We are leaving for South Dakota in the morning. Hope to find a few pheasants and maybe some Sharptails and Chickens.

  2. Tim – thanks. As soon as I get out from under all these work, I’m out of here.

    Please let me know how things are going in SD – I envy you.

    I’ve been out there for many openers. I hope this year’s a good one.

    Good Shooting!


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