How to check for loose ribs on a side-by-side shotgun…

The ribs on a side-by-side don’t look like they could cause you much trouble. But if they’re loose, you could spend hundreds of dollars fixing them. Check out this quick video for some insights into how to spot loose ribs on a side-by-side shotgun.

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4 thoughts on “How to check for loose ribs on a side-by-side shotgun…

  1. Good info on ribs. ? why do you advertise guns that have been sold a long while ago? such as 28 webley&scott ?

  2. Ralph-

    Thanks for the comment. I don’t “advertise” guns. I just point stuff out nice looking stuff when it comes on the market – no one pays me to post stuff and no one notifies me when something sells. I keep the posts up because that’s the nature of the blog – always moving forward, always adding content. Also, older posts give people a way to reference stuff – you can look at guns from the past, see their condition, and see the “for sale” prices.

    Thanks again,


  3. You post a lot of good info on doubles and some great pics. I’ve been looking at both auctions and the online gun brokerage sites off an on for a while now and am curious what are the important questions to ask sellers about double shotguns? The originality of the wood and metal finish is always something I ask about, but what are the important mechanical questions to ask?
    Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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