Save South Dakota: A tradition continues, but for how long?

SD Opening Day 2011, Heading Out
SD Opening Day 2011, Heading Out

Thank you to everyone who checked out my post South Dakota is Dying. It’s a sad story, but here’s the first step in doing something about it: Learn more about just what’s happening in SD and how this is hurting pheasants and all wild animal populations.

The Capital Journal in Pierre, SD, published an excellent five-part series on what is at stake, what is changing, and what may lie ahead for pheasant and other birds species across the state. If you care about what’s happening in South Dakota, I encourage you to check it out. Here’s part 1 of 5:

Habitat in crisis: South Dakota’s pheasant hunting tradition continues. By Lance Nixon

The South Dakota Department of Tourism doesn’t pay Frank Beck for advertising South Dakota attractions, but it might as well.

Beck’s Nebraska license plates proclaim “LK OAHE” to anyone else on the road.

“People ask me, ‘What does that mean?’ I tell them, ‘Well, there’s this lake in South Dakota that’s called Oahe,’” Beck says. Then if they have the time, Beck tells them about the hunting and fishing…

Read the entire piece now. Learn more about what’s happening in South Dakota.

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