Way to go – a friend & his pup score their first grouse…

The Boy's First Grouse
The Boy’s First Grouse

Here’s a pic of the first grouse a friend of mine killed over his new pointer pup. The pointer is out of Kissamee Kennels and the two of them scored the bird in upstate New York. Way to go.

I love how the pup is still pointing the bird, even after it’s dead. That’s drive for you.

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3 thoughts on “Way to go – a friend & his pup score their first grouse…

  1. Hey Gregg,
    Thanks for posting that pic of my pup…Fatso! All in all it was a great week and we moved more grouse this week than last trip. Not much in the way of woodcock, but never the less a great trip. Had the Pleasure in spending a few hours hunting with friends Billy and Sam as well and is always a great thing to hunt behind some great long hairs.

    Fatso, (yes is his name ;)) put on the breaks on that bird off a small embankment rolling down into a bog and lock up solid about 20 yards downwind and as I approached the bird took off and put him down. Fatso, retrieved it to hand with significant damage to the tail but it was a retrieve and in the bag! Very proud and very excited for him and immediately sent my friends those shots!

    Giuseppe “Joe” Pop

  2. Fatso – Ha. That’s going to get you into trouble. I wouldn’t go to any of the dog parks in your neighborhood and yell out that name.

    Glad he’s working out. It sure is thrilling to see it all come together.

    Keep me posted on the rest of the season.

    Good hunting,


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