You’re killing off South Dakota’s pheasants. See how…

Wild male ringnecked pheasant
Wild male ringnecked pheasant

If you read my post South Dakota is Dying, you know habit loss is leading to decline in pheasants and other wildlife species throughout the state. But here’s something you may not know:  Crop Insurance Programs are behind some of this habitat loss. And who pays for these Crop Insurance Programs? You, me, and anyone else who pays taxes to the United States Federal Government.

A couple day ago, posted this eye-opening piece about the impact that Crop Insurance Programs are having across South Dakota and the western US. Check it out and learn more about how you’re paying to decimate wildlife numbers across America:

Crop Insurance Hazards Shown in Lost Pheasants in Grasslands, By Alan Bjerga

10/20/2013: “The hunters tramp through neck-high prairie grass with a pair of golden retrievers named Moe and Buck, flushing out birds in a freezing autumn drizzle.

When one flutters from the South Dakota grassland, Dick Schmith, 58, calls “rooster!” Guns rise and a long-tailed pheasant drops. Moe bounds through the meadow to pick it up.

Such successes, key to the state’s pheasant season, are getting harder to come by. Bird numbers are down almost two-thirds from last year.

A number of reasons are cited for the decline…”

Learn the reasons and find out what’s behind them. Read the entire piece now: Crop Insurance Hazards Shown in Lost Pheasants in Grasslands

To learn more about the farming situation across America, check out Bloomberg’s excellent series Doomed Crops. Record Profits.

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