An extraordinary brace of 28g Boss shotguns: an O/U & a SxS…

28 gauge Boss O/U & SxS, all original, new condition
28 gauge Boss O/U & SxS, all original, new condition. Coming to auction at James D. Julia’s March 2014 sale.

Two of the world’s finest doubles? The ultimate shotguns for quail hunting? A collector’s dream? Yes, certainly, and absolutely.

What you see here is an amazing set of double barrel shotguns: A 28 gauge Boss side-by-side and a 28 gauge Boss over-under, both ordered after WW2, never used, and stored away in their original case ever since.

These Bosses were ordered on March 18th, 1955, by an American visiting Boss & Co’s Albemarle Street shop in London. They’ve been in the same family since day one, and they’re consecutively serial numbered, 200% original, and in in mint condition.

James D. Julia will be auctioning them off in their March 2014 sale. Boss has made very few 28 gauge shotguns – around 25 side-by-sides and 20 over-unders to date. A brace like this is unheard of and probably one of a kind.

Boss & Co is famous for being one of the world’s finest gunmakers, and when you see these doubles you’ll understand why. Simply stunning is the best way to describe them.

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4 thoughts on “An extraordinary brace of 28g Boss shotguns: an O/U & a SxS…

  1. What a truly remarkable find! The only thing that is more remarkable is how someone could own two such guns and not use them. If those two guns ever ended up in my gun safe, they would bearing the signs of lots of time in the field. Each to his own, I guess . . . .

    At least the buyer will have the comfort of knowing those Boss STs are pristine and have not been bodgered by someone.

  2. Yeah – they’re awesome guns. The family had plenty of beautiful guns, and I suspect they just never got around to using these. Nice problem to have.

    Have a great Xmas.

    Thanks for the comment.


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