Original or Restored? So that .410 Parker VH was…

    A .410 Parker Double Barrel Shotgun, restored by Turnbull
A .410 Parker Double Barrel Shotgun, restored by Turnbull

So the answer is… restored, by the  Turnbull Manufacturing Company.

This nice looking little double was auctioned off in Julia’s Fall, 2013 auction. Here’s its the listing from that sale:

PARKER .410 VH BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED BY DOUG TURNBULL. SN 226161. Cal. .410. 3″ Chambers. 000 Frame. 26″ Bbls. This lovely little gun with all correct markings and specifications as outlined in PARKER GUN IDENTIFICATION & SERIALIZATION ledger, including ball grip, and Parkers dogs head buttplate, has had all of its orig finishes and engraving completely and competently restored. Gun features automatic safety and double triggers, along with splinter forend. Bore diameter at muzzles: left-.396, right -.396. Wall thickness: left -.035, right -.038. Drop at heel: 2-3/4″, drop at comb: 1-3/8″. Weight: 5 lbs. 9 oz. LOP: 14-3/8″. CONDITION: Excellent, essentially as new, as restored, with only a few subsequent light handling marks. Bores are excellent. Action is tight.


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  1. Hi Gregg ,I had several Confederate weapons in the same auction at James D. Julia which I dropped off in Maine. I saw this gun and found the case coloring attractive but too ” tarty” for an original Parker job. As I recall a very nice handling gun though. Regards, Andy

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