Hunter & Conservationist? Of course it’s possible…

Puck pointing a woodcock
Puck pointing a woodcock

Here’s an interesting piece from The A lot of  hunters I know are serious about conservationist, and I’ve always thought that one of the best way to learn about an animal is to hunt it. It’s good to see that other people are recognizing that as well.

Responsible hunters have been at the forefront of conservation for over one hundred years now. Here’s some more information on the subject from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

-The North American Wildlife Conservation Model

-25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation

A Caretaker and A Killer: How Hunters Can Save the Wilderness, by Tovar Cerulli

Stereotypes of gun-toting brutes and tree-hugging hippies miss the basic facts about who is protecting nature—and why.

“Fourteen years ago, I stood in the snow, struggling to digest what I had heard. A group of us, gathered to learn about monitoring and protecting wildlife habitat, had just discovered that our instructor—Sue Morse, founder of Keeping Track—was a deer hunter. I found the news disturbing. How could she work to safeguard the homes of animals she described as “neighbors” and then turn around and shoot one of them? I found it inconceivable that someone could be both an environmentalist and a hunter, a caretaker and a killer….”

Read the entire piece now.

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