Letting go, and starting over…..

Puck, portrait by Michael Thompsopn
Puck, portrait by Michael Thompson

Puck passed away almost 8 weeks ago. Her bed is still on the floor in my office, and I still glance over at it and expect to see her looking back. This spring has been strange. I didn’t realize how much my life built around on having Puck by my side. From chasing spring woodcock to daily walks in the woods, I did so much with her this time of year. I’ve missed all that since she has been gone, and that part of my life feels stagnant and empty.

Fortunately, I have a pup on the way. She should be here around July 3. I started looking for another pointer a couples years ago. The plan was for my wife and I to raise a pup and while we eased Puck into retirement. Life arranged things differently, though.

Our pup is coming from Superior Pointers in Bayfield, WI. She’s out of  Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley,  and we’re hoping she’s a lot like Puck. Her breeding is similar – almost all Elhew – with lots of Elhew Strike, Elhew Kiwi, Snakefoot, and Guardrail in her.

Mark and Kathy Wendling own Superior Pointers. They impressed me with their passion, dedication, and kindness . They “…hunt, and breed, only pure Elhew Pointers with lineage tracing exclusively to matings personally designed by Elhew Kennels’ founder, Robert G. Wehle.” If you have some time, I suggest checking out the “Rambling Thoughts” section on there website. There’s a lot of valuable advice there.

Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 9 days old
Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 9 days old
Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 18 days old
Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 18 days old
Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 18 days old
Striking Elhew Rex x Striking Elhew Haley Pups, 18 days old

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9 thoughts on “Letting go, and starting over…..

  1. Gregg,

    I’m excited for you guys…Best of luck. Are you going Liver this time or do you have dibs on the orange/lemon pup? Bob Wehle did something right…..Superior is keeping that alive…Kudos to them.

    I know how much Puck meant to you and I know the exact feeling of that loss..most of us totally understand. You are starting a new chapter with this pup and the good news is that she will be awesome. No doubts from this NYker.

    Great days ahead of you buddy.


  2. Right now, I’m leaning towards the orange pup. I’ll see how things are going in the next months or so before I make my final decision (we have 1st pick).

    Thanks a lot for your note. I’m anxious to get out and chase some birds with you this fall.

    Take care,


  3. How about the one with God’s thumb mark right in the middle of his head? Plus, a yawning pup is the one most chilled out!!

  4. Yeah – that’s a nice one, too. We’ll see. Maybe too chilled out.

    The orange one looks like she is already very aware of her surroundings and inquisitive.


  5. I’m ready bud…We have plenty of covers to hit and plenty of dogs. I like that orange pup too (they are all gorgeous). 1st pick is awesome and I’ve always let the pup pick me. If you have the convenience of letting the litter follow you…. One of them will come forth.

    Fatso, wasnt the biggest, wasnt the smallest and wasnt the best looker out of the other males in his litter. He was a pissy little bastard that kept after me…fell out of the breeders hands and ran right for me. I told Danny to put the rest away. I even used to keep a woodcock wing in my back pocket….stopped that trick long ago because they all have it in them and its our job to pull it out of them. so whats left? a bunch of pups that will focus on a novelty (you) when they find another novelty to focus on and there is one that still seems to be glued…PULL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what is in store for you.


  6. They look great! I really like the one with the spot on it’s head…Already got a name for that one…(wink, wink)

    All kidding aside, glad y’all are getting a new critter…Tough thing to do, but always glad you did it later on!


  7. Livin’ through you, bud. I think about my next pup nearly every day but it’s still a ways off. If my 16 yr old dog keeps clicking along like he has been I may break my self-imposed rule of only 2 bird dogs in the house at a time.

  8. Glad to hear you are getting a new pup.

    You should do just fine with a pup from the Rex/Haley pairing. Both are great looking dogs.

    The new pup will never take the place of Puck…..but I doubt there will be anything else on this earth that will help ease the pain better than puppy breath!

    Our best wishes for you and your new family member.

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