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5 thoughts on “Confirmed: Lexi’s not a water dog…

  1. Lol. She’ll become a water dog the first time you drop a woodcock over a pond!!!

    We once had a pointer that shamed any Lab as a duck dog!!! Pointers can do it all !!!!

    Glad she’s doing well !!

    Doves for us tomorrow!!! Woo-hoo! Can’t wait.

  2. Don’t give up on that little girl yet. My wife’s daughter has two English Cockers that are field bred and she also has a pool. Both of them started out like your girl and now one of them will dive to the bottom of the pool to get his toys. Keep up the water work and you will be surprised.

    Regards, Gordon

  3. I thought my Brit was the same way. I had to pull her into the local swimming hole on a lead. I held her in the water under her belly till she calmed down. Then I let her swim to shore and repeated. I think the trick is to not leave the water till they have calmed down. Otherwise they stay scared. I got my wife to come and we both made a big fuss about how fun the water is and she came in on her own. Then, the next week I took her fly fishing and she had to cross rivers all week to stay with me. By the end of that week, she was swimming circles around me for fun.

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