Somebody please buy this double: a 12g Simson boxlock…

Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS

Here’s one of the best deals on a doubles that I’ve seen in a while. This German side-by-side looks like it’s in great original condition. Unless it has a wart I can’t see (thin walls, oversized bores, pitting in the tubes), it’s a steal.

It’s made with an Anson & Deeley-style action with a Greener crossbolt – one of the best actions ever created – and it features ejectors, original 2 3/4″ chambers, and chokes that can be opened to right where you want them. What more could you want?

12 gauge German BLE SxS: Made in Suhl, Germany.  Boxlock action with a Greener crossbolt.  Ejectors,  Kupp Steel Barrels.

PRICE: $799.66

Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Simson 12 gauge BLE SxS
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Chambers: 2 3/4 Inch
Metal Condition: Case color hardening still visible on receiver. Barrels retain 85% of their blueing with some lite
Wood Condition: Good overall with some lite dings and scratches – no cracks
Bore Condition: Excellent – bright
Barrels: 28 Inch with a solid rib
Triggers: Double non-selective
Stock: Checkered pistol grip with cap on oil finished walnut
Stock Dimensions: 14 1/8″ LOP, 1 5/8″ DAC, 2 3/4″ DAH
Fore End: Checkered oil finished walnut splinter
Butt Pad: Hard rubber
Weight: 6 Lbs 14 Ozs
Sights: Bead on ramp
Chokes: Fixed – full / Full

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8 thoughts on “Somebody please buy this double: a 12g Simson boxlock…

  1. That is a higher level of finish than you typically see one a Simson. The stock dimensions are a bit “old school” but that is a lot of gun for that price. Intercepting sears too.


    Gun is on hold…Thank god somebody realized the inherent value in this piece…Call up any of the current Austrian / German makers and order one to these specs…My point is made!

    Great gun!

    Thanks for pointing it out Gregg!


  3. I purchased the same model in 16 ga. last year for $700 which I think was a good purchase. It was in close to unused condition and it is an excellent example of German gunmaking skills. Had the chokes opened up to Sk1 & 2 and the forcing cones lengthened and it is now in a shop having the wood refinished with a London-red stain and the action cleaned. These are well made, well finished guns worth much more than they seem to sell for. Models made after WW2 are essentially Merkels that now sell for much less than similar Merkel models.

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