Good gun alert: a nice looking 16g Webley & Scott Model 700…

Webley & Scott model 700E 16ga M/F
Webley & Scott model 700E 16ga M/F

I’ve raved about Webley & Scott’s Model 700 shotguns a bunch of times. Rugged and dependable, the M700 was introduced in the 1950s as an entry-level shotgun and it went of to become one of the most popular side-by-sides ever made. While 12 gauge Model 700s are easy to find, 16 gauges are not. The one you see here is on now and the auction ends on 11/16/2014 3:07:58 PM ET.

The Brits were never big fans of 16s. But here in the US, a small number of upland hunters have preferred them. Sixteens tend to weigh less than twelves, and they push more than enough lead to drop any grouse, woodcock, or quail.

Webley & Scott model 700E 16ga M/F: Scarce 16 gauge English shotgun by Webley and Scott Birminham England. Gun is 98% original finishes, tight as the day it was made. Nice color case frame and perfect dent free barrels with bright bores. Factory marked 2 3/4 chambers proofed for 3 1/4 tons ejectors are timed and work flawlessly. Wood is a nice grade of English walnut, double triggers 14 1/2 over checkered but. 1 3/8 comb 2 1/8 heal. slight cast for right hand shooter. Auto safety 6lbs-1/4 oz Chokes are .011/.035 both bores are .662.

Webley & Scott model 700E 16ga M/F
Webley & Scott model 700E 16ga M/F
Manufacturer:  Webley & Scott
Model:  700-E
Barrel Length:  28 inch
Gauge:  16
Capacity:  2

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