Lexi becomes a bird dog…

Me & Lexi
Me & Lexi

Even though our trip to Maine a couple weeks ago produced few birds, it did give Lexi the chance to get out in the woods and start on down the path to becoming a bird dog. Here’s are a few quick videos of her in action.

Overall, she handles well – coming when she’s called, hunting to the front, quartering naturally, and coming around on command. Her range stretched out to 200-300+ yards on some casts, and after she had some solid grouse & woodcock finds her under collar, she started to hunt objectives.

You can see how much fun she’s having in these videos, and how dynamic and electric she is in the field.

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2 thoughts on “Lexi becomes a bird dog…

  1. She’s coming along great – really a good looking and well behaved girl!

    I’m sure you are beaming with pride – and justifiably so!


    PS: Y’all got too many trees!!! LOL

  2. Ha- that’s true. You guys have tree – like one over there and over there and over there. It’s a lot different out here. I don’t know how Lexi navigates through them without poking her eyes out!

    Thanks for the note – I am very proud of her.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.


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