We kicked butt in 2014. Thank you for making it an awesome year.

See how we did in 2014.
Cool stats. Fun graphics. Click to see how we Dogs & Doubles did in 2014.

It’s been another great year for Dogs & Doubles. Thank you for your support.

I started this blog back in February, 201o and finished that year with 31,885 visits. Last year was quite a bit better. We finished 2014 with 219,374 visits. If you like stats and infographics, click here to find out more about how my blog did in 2014.

Since 2010, I’ve changed companies twice, married, bought a home, lost Puck (my first great bird dog), added Lexi, picked up some nice doubles, and hunted all over the place.

I’m going to try and do more with Dogs and Doubles in 2015. I’d like to get my total visits above 300,000 for the year. That’s a big jump, so Pplease keep checking on a regular basis to see what Lexi and I have going on – and to see all sorts of great side-by-side and over-under shotguns.

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Browning  20 GA BSS Sporter LIKE NEW
From a rare, rare, rare A.H. Fox 20g CE with a straight grip and this great looking 20g Browning BSS Sporter to a perfect 28g Arrieta 557 and a great looking British boxlock. See all of this week's doubles now.

10 thoughts on “We kicked butt in 2014. Thank you for making it an awesome year.

  1. Happy New Year Gregg and to all fellow aficionados.
    A good year on your blog and I look forward to more of the same in 2015.
    We have still until the first of February open for shooting game birds this side of the pond and I have a number of muzzle loading days remaining that are booked and eagerly await what talents I have left with my trusty old Boss percussion gun and an equally trusty Labrador bitch at my side. Training a very young Cocker Spaniel is still a work in progress…it was ever thus.

  2. Gregg–your site is terrific and you expose us to so many interesting guns throughout the year. I’ve bought a few–tried to buy a few —and drooled over many more. It’s fun watching your new dog come of age and your life mirrors how much of my life was spent for many years. You impress me as a real good guy and if we lived near one another, I suspect we’d be good friends. Wishing you continued success, health and happiness in 2015 and beyond. Best–Bill

  3. You are doing a great job. I follow your blog daily and enjoy it very much. I have also found your articles in other publications interesting and informative. My only suggestion is that you note your other stories, articles and publications on your blog, I don’t know if I am missing some. I would also be interested in learning about other publications you follow. Thanks and looking forward to reading more in 2015.

  4. Congratulations, Gregg! Small surprise, given the quality of the product. Thanks for all the interesting information and updates.

  5. Charles-

    Thanks for the note. Please let me know how you muzzleloading shoots go. They sound like great fun. How do you go about loading your trusty Boss in the field? Is it a pretty quick process? I would love to see the Boss, too. Good luck with the cocker, and happy 2015.


  6. Bill-

    Thanks for the note and the kind words. I wish we lived close by. You sound like a guy I would like to spend some time hunting with.

    Happy 2015.


  7. Thanks to the comment and kind words. Regarding my other articles, that’s a great idea. These day, I’m focusing on writing for Covey Rise. I have a piece coming out in the next upcoming issue, and I’m wrapping up another slated for some time in 2015.

    Along with Covey Rise, I follow Shooting Sportsman and the Double Gun Journal most closely. I also check out Sporting Classics and The Field, although I rarely buy those mags. Garden & Gun is another good watch to check out, too.

    Happy 2015.


  8. Greg,

    I have followed your blog, since I discovered it several years ago.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into it.
    Covey Rise is the class of the pack and I look forward to your contributions.
    All the magazines you mention are worthy.
    I, especially, enjoy Grays, and am continually surprised by the
    quality of the writing.

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