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9 thoughts on “Lets go to Montana. Check out this sharptail hunting video…

  1. Very nice! Just curious – what is the sxs Malcolm is shooting? It looks like my William Powell & Son 12 ga.


  2. Why does Malcolm think it’s OK to leave his spent shells in this environment?

  3. Agree with Thomas. He says the country is beautiful but throws his shells on the ground. I find that disdainful and it mocks his video.

  4. I’ll post a comment on youtube and see what the guys have to say. I agree with everyone – leaving behind spent shells is not cool.


  5. I just watched the video again, and I’m going to give the guys the benefits of the doubt and say they picked up their shells. I’ve gone back for shells after the initial flush & shot. I hope these guys did the same thing>


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