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5 thoughts on “We’re heading back to Montana. This time, we’re chasing chukars…

  1. Once again Malcolm has littered another part of Montana with spent shot shells, and has allowed himself to be filmed while doing so.

  2. Oh yeah – there he is, chucking them on the ground at 3:28. Not good.

    I just said something about it on Youtube. Maybe someone will respond.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. A great video but apart from the unsightly spent cartridges littering the countryside Malcolm crossed a wire fence in a forbidden fashion. It appeared he broke his gun but did not remove his cartridges. As a reminder of such things I copy in this useful do’s and dont’s in the poem ” A father’s advice to his son” (second verse tells all on this point)

    “Never, never let your gun
    Pointed be at anyone.
    That it may unloaded be
    Matters not the least to me.

    When a hedge or fence you cross
    Though of time it cause a loss
    From your gun the cartridge take
    For the greater safety’s sake.

    If twixt you and neighboring gun
    Bird shall fly or beast may run
    Let this maxim ere be thine
    “Follow not across the line.”

    Stops and beaters oft unseen
    Lurk behind some leafy screen.
    Calm and steady always be
    “Never shoot where you can’t see.”

    You may kill or you may miss
    But at all times think this:
    “All the pheasants ever bred
    Won’t repay for one man dead.”

  4. Well, we can assume he did not pick up his shells from the first video either.

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