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I was up in northern NH last weekend visiting Lexi. She’s about 1/2 through her summer training program, and she’s just starting to get out in the woods to chase wild birds. She turning int great bird dog — very easy handling and a real strong bird finder.

I took her out for a couple hours and hit a few spots. Lexi moved 3-4 grouse. I only heard the birds. The woods were too thick for me to see a thing. Here’s a quick vid of Lexi plus some pics of what we saw (and a vid of a slithering little guy we came across). Enjoy.

Wild Thistle
Wild Thistle
Wild rasberries
Wild rasberries
The woods were thick with waist-high patches of wild rasberries
The woods were thick with waist-high patches of wild rasberries

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4 thoughts on “Latest Lexi …

  1. Gregg:

    Nice looking dog, looks like she is developing well.

    Do you, or does anyone here have any knowledge of the FAIR, Iside currently being offered?

  2. Thanks. Yeah – she’s coming along real well.

    Which FAIR are you referring to? I know quite a bit about those and the other “Rizzini” shotguns.


  3. Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini is one of the many “Rizzinis’ making similar style OU shotguns in Italy.

    Almost all of these guns are low-profile, triggerplate actions with coil springs. The guns’s actions are inspired by Boss/Woodward designs.

    FAIR OUs tend to be decent, reliable doubles. The overall design has been around for a while and it is very reliable and tested.

    New England Arms in Kittery Point, ME, imported a line of FAIRs from about 1999-2005. The 16g they sold were build on true 16-gauge actions (instead of 12g actions). I think the 28g & .410s were built on the same actions, but I believed it was scaled down (rather than being a 20-gauge action).

    I think New England Arms sold most of their inventory to Cabela’s, who went on to carry the guns for a while.

    Hope this helps.


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