Check out this great dog work …

God, this video makes me envious: Of the countryside, of the experience, and most of all, of the dogs. Running birds can frazzle a pointing dog. This setter handles them like she’s done it a million times.

Video: Relocation on Wild Birds, by Sky Dance Kennels
Video: Relocation on Wild Birds, by Sky Dance Kennels

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6 thoughts on “Check out this great dog work …

  1. They are great dogs.
    I’m going to SD this year and hunting out of Prairie Wings Lodge.
    This is not push and block hunting, but prairie hunting behind
    Steve Grossman’s setters.
    I did the same type of hunting with him a couple of years ago.
    It was a great experience.

  2. Two years ago, when I was there, the bird numbers were
    supposed to “bad”.
    I limited both days, and missed a lot of nice opportunities.
    What they consider bad there, might be terrific anywhere else.
    At any rate, numbers are forecast to be up.

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