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8 thoughts on “Power duo: Quail hunting with a Pointer and a Cocker …

  1. I’ve had the privilege of hunting with pointers and a cocker flushing dog several times at Morrison Pines in GA. It’s quite a treat. You ride in the quail buggy. The dogs go on point. You fetch your guns and walk up to the dogs and the cocker rousts them out. Very exciting. The use Labs too as flushers. Hope you get to experience it. Merry Xmas. Bill D.

  2. I have a friend here in West Texas anhis outfit runs two Cockers with the pointers. It’s wonderful having them find your birds, and often near impossible without them. They are very spunky, and vigorous at hunting dead. Wonderful dogs…

  3. Cool. Does he hunt wild birds?

    I’ve been told that places that hunt stocked birds use flushers to encourage the birds to fly. I guess stocked birds like to run. No experience with it, though.


  4. It’s all Wild Birds where he is. Texas birds have made a huge comeback this year for the first time in a long time.

  5. Hello Greg, Just wanted to let you know That I was the winning bid on the B.C. My luck 16ga and thanks for the intel. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find more information on these wonderful guns. Im trying to find out what the original butt treatment was at new or images of such. Any help appreciated. Love the blog and following Lexi !!

  6. Cool. Glad you got it. It looks like a real nice gun.

    There’s not a ton of info out there about them. I think Shooting Sportsman published an article about Miroku several years ago. Larry Brown probably wrote it, and if you Google “Larry Brown Miroku” you’ll come up with a lot of posts he has put on the web about these guns. Google “Adam Miroku”, too. That guy used to post info about Mirokus quite often.

    Check out this thread, too:

    Regarding the butt, it was probably wooden with horizontal grooves in it or it had a plastic butt plate with the same kind of horizontal grooves. Something like this:

    Glad you like the blog. Let me know how the gun works out.


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