Incredible clay busting video for Blaser’s new F16 OU…

Blaser F16 Game 1 OU Shotgun
Blaser F16 Game 1 OU Shotgun

I’m not much of a target shooter, and I don’t spend a lot of time on skeet fields or sporting-clay courses. When I do show up to try either one, I’m usually one of the few guys there with an old SxS. What does everyone else carry?  Newish OUs, of course: Perazzis, Berettas, Browning, and more and more, Blasers.

Blaser is a German gunmaker, founded in 1957. They builds a range of firearms, and their OUs are built on low-profile actions inspired by the classic Boss/Woodward designs. Blaser’s new F16 Over Under looks like pretty cool double, and if I were in the market for a new double with stacked barrels, I would definitely give it a look.

Oh yeah – that video I mentioned. Here it is, and it’s pretty incredible.

And here’s more about the F16, straight from Blaser’s press release for the gun:

“The next genesis of game and competition shotguns has arrived introducing the Blaser F16. But don’t let platitudes and good looks fool you. Only through the restless pursuit of perfection is it possible to create a perfectly balanced over and under shotgun with the lowest profile receiver on the market. The exceptionally low center of gravity makes the new F16 extraordinarily pointable and dynamic. Innovative development processes were used in the monocoque construction providing the ability to give the borders of the receiver a softened appearance much like a round body game gun and further benefits the shooter with a seamless transition between barrel and receiver. You will immediately feel the difference when handling the shotgun. A prerequisite to becoming a better shot!

Aside from the intuitive pointability, a newly developed tapered rib supports better peripheral vision and results in faster target acquisition. The Triplex bore design and the proven ejection ball system (EBS) borrowed from the championship winning F3 allows the shooter to focus on what is really important; Hitting the next target!

The mechanical trigger mechanism of the F16 is the direct interface between shooter and shotgun. With a crisp trigger pull of (1650 grams/3lbs 10oz) there is no delay between thought impulse and action. The Inertia Block System (IBS) adds to shooter safety and comfort by preventing the ability for the shotgun to fan fire or double.

Performance and reliability can only be attributed to the quality of materials used, individual craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of technological perfection Blaser is so well known for.

From the clays field to your favorite hunting area the F16 has become the new Gold Standard for others to measure against. For more info visit:

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