Meet Sky, our new pointer…

Meet Sky, our new pointer
Meet Sky, our new pointer

A couple Saturdays ago, the latest addition to our team arrived. Meet out new pointer pup: Striking Elhew Sky.

Sky’s out of Superior Pointers. She’s half-sister to Lexi by the father. We’re thrilled to have her, and I’m more excited than ever to have another bird dog for this fall.




The Pointer Sisters: Lexi & Sky
The Pointer Sisters: Lexi & Sky
The Pointer Sisters: Lexi & Sky
The Pointer Sisters: Lexi & Sky

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12 thoughts on “Meet Sky, our new pointer…

  1. Whoever said you can’t buy love or happiness forgot about puppies…and this one is destined to be spoiled.
    Good luck!

    They look so cute together! Lexi is still so young- that puppy is adorable too. Not a dull moment ahead for you and the pups! I can see a Left and Right barrel in your future- with a flush from each dog.

    All the best, Barrett & Lily ‘The Spaniel’

  3. Geeez, it doesn’t get much better than this, Gregg. Look at those two dogs! One more week and I get to officially pick which pup I’ll be taking home with me in May. I’ve been exploring the small creeks in the area and hearing tons of drumming everyday. My girlfriend’s cattle dog mix has even flushed a few birds. Very exciting.

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