Pointers aren’t supposed to do this….

You hear all sorts of “truths” about Pointers: They’re not personable; they make lousy house dogs; they don’t retrieve (not naturally, anyway). Sky is my third pointer, and just like my first two, she has shown me that all these “truths” are total BS. Watch this video to see her dispel the third.

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2 thoughts on “Pointers aren’t supposed to do this….

  1. This is great! As you know, I’m a pointer guy myself. My last pointer broke every damn rule that the my “versatile” buddies tried to set for her. She retrieved, hunted dead and adjusted her range according to the terrain and birds involved. And this wasn’t because of my superb training; I picked her up from an animal shelter one day and just took her hunting. I had no clue what I was doing.
    My new EP pup, Dalva, is now 16 weeks and already breaking the rules. She absolutely loves to retrieve. Oh, and she water retrieves. On hot days here in western montana we train down by the river and to keep things fun I indulge her lust for retrieving by throwing the bumper into the soft back eddies. She dives right in.
    In my opinion, EP’s are the ideal house dogs. They’re generally quiet and in my experience seem to “hit the off button” quite quickly after a day in the field. Dalva literally cuddles with the cat and even cleans his ears for him.
    I’m really not sure where the EP stereotypes came from. I just haven’t found them to be true. But maybe I got “lucky.” Twice in a row.

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