The pure joy of Pointers …

Can't catch me, Sky chasing Lexi
Can’t catch me, Sky chasing Lexi

My first bird dog was a Brittany spaniel. He knew a bit more about bird huntign than I did, but together, we still had almost no idea what we were doing.

Years later, I was getting back into bird hunting and dogs and I was interested in a Springer. An ad in Pointing Dogs Journal led me to visit with a breeder near me who had some Pointers. We took a few of them out for a run and I was hooked. They were they most incredible dogs I had ever seen.

Looking back on that day, I realize it was the Pointer’s athleticism that thrilled and excited me. Watching then run and leap is an impressive experience. I took these photos at a local beach. It was a low-tide sunrise–something I try to always take advantage of–and Lexi, Sky, and I had a great morning.


Lift off
Lift off
Dog smile!
Dog smile!
Every which way
Every which way

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4 thoughts on “The pure joy of Pointers …

  1. Those are some handsome Pointers you’ve got. Glad to see some more dogs on the site
    My first dog was an Irish setter out of show stock. She liked to hunt, had her moments on woodcock and pen raised pheasants, but lacked enough point for grouse. The trainer I was working with asked one night if I just wanted to run dogs as he had clients’ there to get in shape. We went to some mowed fields and the first dog he put down was a big liver pointer. It was the first field breed dog I had seen really tear a place up. It made an impression. Within a year I had my first EP. He’s gone now and I’ve had three E Setters since but part of me will always be a Pointer guy(I’m not sure you can be both though – haha).

  2. Schuey-

    Thanks for the comment. Why did you go over to setters? Nice dogs – but they’re not EPs.

    Good to hear from you.


  3. I’m not exclusively a setter or pointer guy. I like bird dogs and by that I mean setters and pointers. When I got my first English, it was a matter of circumstance. I needed another dog, he came recommended and was available. He turned out to be a fantastic bird dog. Solid retriever too and that was a new concept at the time.

    On the ground I don’t think there’s much difference. From similar stock, both have loads of application, desire and style. In the house I would say setters tend to “turn off” better and are more of a one man dog. That being said I would say they are thinner skinned and maybe a bit more neurotic. My pointer was the most even keeled dog I have owned. Nothing fazed him. Not traveling, new camps, canoes, nothing. I miss that.

    Someday I’ll get another pointer and I’ll have setter at the same time too. If only to be able to joke with buddies that own each breed!

    The website is great, thanks for keeping it going.

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