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6 thoughts on “Pictures from fall, 2016 …

  1. I loved the pictures. If you visit the site again with the tire, do the tree a favor and cut the tire completely through. Or do us all a favor and get it out of there. I appreciate your blog, it feeds my addiction until next season.

  2. Isn’t it funny, every bird hunter I know is at that same point in the year. We are all missing the recent season past and our spending time reviewing our photos of the season past. It’s what you do when you and your dog are waiting for the fall to return. Then there is always that feeling that you think you need a new double gun to enjoy next season so you spend hours looking and choosing and if you are like me you order a nice 28g for next season. Another thing to look forward to. All in anticipation. Of next season!

  3. I thought I replayed the other day but it seems it didn’t go through.
    My son in law and I both decided to order Dickinson Estate 28g box locks for the coming quail season. We hunt an extrodinary amount of quail here in CA where we have a ranch with 100 bird coveys as a daily occurance . We also hunt Mearns and desert quail in AZ. As you can imagine we work our guns hard and they get beat up from that work. I have Merkils , Gazalins, AYA’s and the like but wanted a working gun not a safe queen and after playing with the Dickinson last year at the Safari Club Show (I work in the business)I was impressed with the fit, finish and feel of this gun as well as the price. So, another S/S double gun is on its way. You simply can’t have too many! Ha! Next year , another dog. Can’t seem to have too many of those either!
    Ain’t life great? Double guns and dogs. Oh, yeah, I forgot , you get that!

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