Kickstart Project Upland’s A Bird Hunting Anthology: Volume No. 1…

Fund it now: Project Upland - A Bird Hunting Anthology: Volume No. 1
Fund it now: Project Upland – A Bird Hunting Anthology: Volume No. 1

As a way to feed yourself, bird hunting makes little sense. Consider everything that goes into putting a grouse on the table: Buying a gun, buying ammo, buying gear, learning to shoot, finding a spot, getting to the spot, and on and on.

It’s far easier–and cheaper–to buy chicken and stay home.

But few of us hunt birds to put meat on the table. We don’t do this to live. We do it to survive.

If you’re a new-media type, you’ve probably seenĀ Project Upland: The Bird Hunting Epic Series. With videos, a website and Instagram posts, Project Upland chronicles all the ways upland hunting nourishes us. It has combined personal points of view and a refreshing lack of commercialism to created a phenomenon which has reached huge numbers of people (their videos have been viewed 2 million+ times).

Even though Project Upland is very 21st century, they’re now ready to do something old school by publishing a book. Project Upland’s Creative Director A.J. DeRosa says “This book will be a compilation of short stories and visually-stunning photography, all celebrating what makes upland hunting so special”

They’re asking you to help them bring this book to life by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign forĀ Project Upland – A Bird Hunting Anthology: Volume No. 1. Contributions of $25 or more will guarantee you a copy.

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