Auction alert: 12g Belgian Masquelier boxlock, no reserve…

Fine 12g Belgian Masquelier boxlock – Liege

Here’s another double that looks a like a deal. Masquelier was a well-known Belgian gunmaker for just over 100 hundred years. They made everything from pistols and top-quality sidelock shotguns to the kind of medium-grade boxlock shotguns you see here.

Fine 12g Belgian Masquelier boxlock – Liege

This gun is built on one of the finest shotguns designs every created — the Anson & Deeley action. From what I can see, the gun looks like it’s in great shape overall. It’s on now, and the listing end this Tuesday, 5/21/2019, @ 10:20 PM.

One thing: Ask the seller about his inspection/return policy. When buying online, a 3-day inspection/return policy is a must. Be sure he’s offering one before bidding.

Fine 12g Belgian Masquelier boxlock – Liege

Fine 12g Belgian Masquelier boxlock – Liege:┬áThis is a nice, high quality, SxS 12 ga. made in Belgium by C. Masquelier, that produced the Masquelier guns from approx. 1925 – 1956. This fine example is a 12 ga. with 70mm,2 3/4″ chambers, bright clean bores, both choked 182 – which is approx. imp. modified. However, the right muzzle is slightly more open, measuring approx. .705, the right about .700. The barrels measure approx. 27 5/8″ long. The L.O.P. to the front trigger is approx. 14 1/2″, the drop at comb 1 1/2″ and at the heel, 2 3/8″. Cast – off. The action has a Greener cross bolt, and it locks up tight. Weighs approx. 6 lbs. 14 ozs. I believe the ‘Z’ over the proof mark on the bottom of the barrels indicates a 1952 manufacture date. The nice European walnut stock is solid, no cracks. The forend does have a very small splinter missing at the left front. The barrels both have several scattered areas of light corrosion from the muzzle, down about 12 – 13″, almost all of it is on the sides, the left barrel has a bit more, with another small spot above the forearm, the top of the barrels look very nice. This is a used hunting gun, cared for, but with some cosmetic marks and use. Overall, still a nice example of a fine Belgian sxs, priced cheap! ( look at other Masqueliers), ready to hunt with.

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