Watch this: Old school duck hunting with a real punt gun…

Here’s a great video of some old-school duck hunting with a real punt gun: The Fens (1945) – Wildfowling. This style of waterfowling was practiced through the UK and Europe. The Fens are a coastal area on the east coast of central England.

Duck hunting with an old-school punt gun, The Fens (1945) - Wildfowling
Duck hunting with an old-school punt gun, The Fens (1945) – Wildfowling

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10 thoughts on “Watch this: Old school duck hunting with a real punt gun…

  1. This is at once unsportsmanlike, unethical, and immoral. And I’m all in favor of hunting, fishing, and such — but not like THIS!

    Where was this? Surely there were laws in place even 75 years ago against killing multiple game simultaneously without allowing the prey a chance?

    It’s no better than throwing explosives into a body of water in order to kill and harvest a school of fish:(I’d seen something like it in an episode of Lassie.)

  2. This hunter was providing for his family. Meat was not as plentiful as Publix. He broke no laws. He did a spot and stalk. He skillfully positioned his boat and weapon, and took a good shot. No different from how you hunt, except he really needed the meat.! Until you walk in someone’s shoes, you can’t really judge with out being pompous.

  3. My grandmother told me stories how my grandfather and the other men of the community would use punt guns both directions of the migration. She told how they would pack lead, nuts, screws and everything imaginable down the barrel. Families banded together during the Great Depression in order to survive. The men would hunt and fish, and the women would pluck down and can meat. My grandfather commercial fished and had a fish market where bartering was the main trade. She told how they traded for goods such as milk and eggs. They also sold on credit, but in most cases never collected. It was more about surviving.

  4. Wind your neck in. These were being killed for food. It was an efficient way to shoot enough birds to feed multiple families or supply a butchers shop. This was just after WW2 in the east of England when rationing was still very much in place and meat was still a scarce commodity for many. The duck flocks were huge and the effect of this was pretty minimal. Take your silly manufactured outrage and inappropriate applying of modern ethics to a situation you neither knew nor understand, and jog on.

  5. Haha. He put food on the table. End of story. Technology is such that when I gunt game, they don’t even see me. DRT before a second passes.

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