I thought we had more time …

My Pointer Lexi passed away last Wednesday, 11/18. She was 6-1/2 years old, and up until 11/11, she wasn’t exhibiting any obvious signs of her illness (cancer).

Goodbye, little girl. You’re missed and you’ll always be loved and remembered.

Lexi, 4/30/14 - 11/18/20
Lexi, 4/30/14 – 11/18/20
One of my favorite pics of Lexi, taken by A.J. DeRosa from Project Upland
One of my favorite pics of Lexi, taken by A.J. DeRosa from ProjectUpland.com
Lexi doing what she loved
Lexi doing what she loved

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20 thoughts on “I thought we had more time …

  1. Totally ripped-off! Dogs don’t live long enough as it is, but this was way too short.

    Good thing she had you as her companion and y’all were able to get out in the woods and do that thing human-dog teams are supposed to do!

    RIP Lexi!

    Message to fellow dog people: Get out more and enjoy the good times while you can…There will always be time to make money, but never money to make time!

  2. So sorry for your loss. When they go, they take part of you with them so that their absence always hurts.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Gregg. I’ve enjoying following Lexi since she was a pup, and my heart goes out to you. -Bob

  4. It’s always one of the toughest things to reconcile when you lose you hunting dog. Faithful companion in the worst of weather, persistent searcher of game despite the briars and the strong winds. Oblivious to the ice cold water and always close enough to shake it off on you…..
    Rest in peace old friend. Thank you for the many amazing retrieves, the incredible nose for finding our quarry, the great laughs we’ve had at your expense and the many nights when you just curled up and kept us warm and made us feel lucky to have hunted with you.

  5. So sorry to learn of your loss. We lost two of our hunting companions to cancer this past year, so we understand the pain you must be experiencing. We hope that the sorrow of your loss is soon replaced by the wonderful memories of your days spent with Lexi. Take care and be safe.

    Garry & Elaine

  6. So very sorry- it’s hard enough when they get to be creaky old dogs and that’s way too soon. As Robert F. Jones wrote “There’s something wrong with a world where even a good pair of boots outlasts a great gundog” and they’re all kind of great in their own way.

  7. Greetings and salutations Gregg,
    So sorry to read your news of Lexi’s premature passing. We have lucky lives mostly but it’s not always very fair….
    Thoughts and best wishes from Under Dow-under. Julian

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