Good Gun Alert – Foxes, Parkers, 28g Browning…

A few decent double barrel shotguns are coming to auction in the next few days: 2 A.H. Fox A grades, a 12g Parker VH, and a 28 gauge Browning Superposed. More info below.  SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS


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Two A.H. Fox A-grades, both 12g — Mon, 1/18, Chambersburg, PA

These side by side shotguns are at Gateway Gallery Auction. This auctioneer is at 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA.

The Foxes guns are both 12 gauges with real nice round-knob grips. The barrels on both of them look long. I don’t know if either gun has ejectors. One shotgun is an early A grade with a serial number under 200.

From what I can see, the A grade with the later engraving may be refinished. But it’s hard to tell from the pics.

Most of the finish on the real early A grade looks original. The barrels may have been redone. Be sure you check for yourself.  SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS.

VH Parker, 12g — Sat, 1/16, South Paris, ME

This clean double is coming up at Paul Arsenault Auctioneer’s. The auction is at the Four Seasons Function Hall, 187 Main Street, South Paris, ME.

This Parker is a 12 gauge on a number 2 frame. It’s a non ejector with a standard pistol grip and a splinter forend. It’s hard to tell much about the gun from the pics. The buttstock looks clean, though, and I would say the finish looks original.  SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS.

Browning Superposed, Field grade, 28g — Sat, 1/16, East Moriches, NY

This over and under is at South Bay Auctions on Long Island. They’re at 485 Montauk Hwy, East Moriches, NY.

The gun is a round-knob, long tang Browning Superposed, 28g. From what I can see, it looks clean and original.  SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS.