Griffin & Howe, as American as it gets…

If a Parker built the great American shotgun, Griffin & Howe built the great American rifle.1930 Griffin & Howe ad for handmade rifles

In May of 1923, a former cabinet maker named Seymour Griffin got together with James V. Howe and together with Col. Townsend Whelen and a couple other guys, they formed Griffin & Howe.  Within a few years, the firm had built a reputation for bolt rifles and they would go on to build great rifles to this day.

Below is a gallery of old Griffin & Howe advertisements. Here are some links to great Griffin & Howe rifles on the market right now:

THE classic Griffin & Howe bolt rifle: a 30/06 on a 1903 Springfield action. This one is as original as they come.

A gorgeous Griffin & Howe short rifle, in 30/06 and on a Mauser action

A .470 double rifle, imported by Griffin & Howe, made by Francotte, and a hell of a good deal on a .470.

You can read more about Griffin & Howe here.