An interview with Ferrell Miller, legendary pointer trainer & breeder…

Paul Fuller of Bird Dogs Afield just posted this great interview with legendary pointer breeder and field trialer Ferrell Miller. If you’re into bird dogs, you should make time to watch the whole thing.

And if you don’t know much about Pointers, this short video is a nice introduction to the breed. It also features Ferrell Miller, and is worth watching just to see Mr Miller in the field working his dogs.

Ferrell Miller and CH Miller's Happy Jack, from
Ferrell Miller and CH Miller’s Happy Jack, from

The wrong way to breed great hunting dogs…

Check out this ad. It’s from a small New England newspaper, and reproduced word for word.

“Stud wanted for my canoe sized black lab. she is not papered however she is well on her way to being an exceptional hunting dog. If you have male, who loves to hunt and is canoe sized. please call for possible spring tie.”

Is this guy’s lab as big as a canoe, or small enough to fit in a canoe? I can’t figure it out.

Canoe-Size Lab?
Canoe-Sized Black Lab?