As good as birds dogs get…

The internet is a great thing. I’m always amazed by the information I can find online. What’s out there is incredible.

This Youtube video of Bob Wehles & crew with Elhew Cassie is an example of what I mean. Who would think that Youtube would have videos on it of these guys. But there it is.

This clip is taken from a couple of video produced a while ago called Wing & Shot. I have both of these videos and they’re pretty good.

In this video you get to see Bob Wehle, founder of the famous Elhew line of English Pointers, along with Earl Crangle and Dick Shear. Early and Dick are also pretty famous guys in the field trial world and they both trained a lot of great dogs.

The dog in the video is Elhew Cassie. She won the 1994 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Championship. Check her out to see how a bird dog should work. Amazing stuff.