Auction alert: Fox Sterlingworth cutaway, Parker #170, & more…

Poulin Auction Company‘s three-day firearms auction starts this Friday and they have a bunch of interesting double barrel shotguns coming up, including Parkers, Remingtons, L.C. Smiths, Colts, Lefevers, and much more.

Fox Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun with a cutaway action
Fox Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun with a cutaway action

One of the most interesting is Lot #1046: a 12 gauge A.H. Fox Sterlingworth with a cutaway action. This is a 1910 gun with a parker-pin style action, and it looks like it has a ton of original condition. The cutaways on the action let you look into the gun and see the cocking and firing mechanism. Pretty cool. It would be a great addition for a serious Fox collector.

This real early Parker Bros. underlifter hammergun is also very interesting. It’s serial #170 and a back action, so it was probably made around 1869.  Even though it’s real old, it’s in fair, original condition. Parkers went through a lot of changes and upgrades through the years and this is a great example of how they started out. Another must have for a serious collector.

For British stuff, there’s Lot # 1044: a nice looking Alex Henry 12 gauge boxlock ejector. This looks like an original heavy proofer for 2 3/4″ shells. The gun looks pretty decent, although I think someone may have polished up the action a bit and refinished the butt stock. I have no idea how good the barrels are and the information is not listed, so make sure you check them out before you bid on them.

In all, there are over 180 shotguns in this auction, including a lot of pumps, autos, and single shots. But there are plenty of doubles. Here are a few more that caught my eye:

A. H. Fox B Grade Double Shotgun. Cal. 12 GA

LeFever Arms Co. “DS” Grade S X S Shotgun

Parker Early Lifter Action Hammer SxS

Lots 1-600 are going off on Friday. The 1000’s are on Saturday, and the 2000’s are on Sunday

You can search the catalogs by day here.