Gov. Malloy to Connecticut’s pheasant hunters: scr@w you…

Connecticut’s Governor Dannel P. Malloy hates pheasant hunters. Or at least he doesn’t think they should do much pheasant hunting in his state. Malloy’s 2013 budget proposes cutting the $160,000 used to stock state land with pheasants. For most people in Connecticut, this would mean an end to all upland hunting in their state. You can read more about this here.

Ct. pheasant hunters respond to Gov. Malloy
Ct. pheasant hunters respond to Gov. Malloy

Thanks to sprawl and “enlightened” ideas about forestry and land management, Connecticut has very little wild bird hunting left. Much of what does exist sits behind No Trespassing signs.

For many state residents, stocked pheasants on state land was the only way to experience bird hunting. If Malloy’s budget goes through, that, like the excellent grouse hunting that used to exist across the state, will disappear.

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