Buying and collecting antique shotguns: a discussion with Martin Willis..

Antique Auction Forum
Antique Auction Forum

Martin Willis is one America’s leading experts on antiques. His website the Antique Auction Forum is a great place to learn all about the business of buying, selling , and collecting them. Last weekend I sat down  with Martin and talked about one of my favorite subjects — collecting antique shotguns.

You can listen to our discussion here. Our discussion covered everything from my favorites to the dark side of collecting – fakes and phonies – and how to protect yourself from them. I hope you enjoy it.

Results of Season Opener, Take 2…

Well, the day got off to a slow start. In the AM, we hunted some grouse & woodcock covers in central Maine. We had very little luck – 1 grouse & 3 woodcock.

The afternoon was better, though. We found a new woodcock cover and it had a bunch of local birds in it. I think we moved around 10 birds in an hour.

Once the flight come in, this sport should really load up.

I’m trying something new with the videos. Hope you like them.

Recap of the day:

Puck, ready to go:

Little cover we found: