Double of the Day: 12 gauge Lefever EE double barrel shotgun…

Lefevers are my favorite American shotguns and E-grades are my favorite Lefevers. With 6 grades above it and 4 below it, the E was sort of Lefever’s middle-grade side by side.

12 gauge Lefever EE grade double barrel shotgun
12 gauge Lefever EE grade double barrel shotgun

This E grade is a nice, clean example of a 12 gauge. The price – $2950 – is pretty fair, too. For comparison, here’s another Lefever EE in 12 gauge.

With just a bit more finish than the F grade, and less detailing than upper grades like this B, Lefever’s E grade is where the styling is just right. In 1904 it cost $100 without ejectors, $115 with – expensive, but $300 cheaper than Lefever’s top gun – the Optimus.

BTW: If you have a 16 gauge Lefevers for sale, contact me right away. I’m interested in purchasing it.