When it comes to bird dogs, different breeds hunt in different ways. This is especially true with Continental and English Pointers.

Last weekend when I was out with Bob I had a chance to see these differences in action. Check out these videos to see what a mean.

This is my English Pointer, Puck. Check out how high she holds her head. She’s also a bit rangier and more dynamic in the field.

This is Bob’s GSP Nelly. She’s an easy-handling, closer ranging bird dog. Check out how she holds her head lower and looks for scent closer to the ground. Her body tends to “rocking horse” a bit.

Field Report — Saturday, 10/27…

October is the greatest month of the year. I’m sorry to see another one go. My last day in the field was full of woodcock – 24 in all. I spent the day with friend & Maine Guide Bob Foshay. We hit a string of his picture-perfect covers in central Maine and we were accompanied by nice weather and decent dog work. In all, I managed to down 2 birds. It’s not bad shooting, it’s what I like to call flush & release. Here are pics and video from the day.

Introducing the Whitemaraner…

German bred dog, apparently the result of a Weim x GSP (with Weim blood) cross.
German bred dog, apparently the result of a Weim x GSP (with Weim blood) cross.

Every breed of dog we have today came from other breeds. Mixing and experimenting is the history they all share.

This “Whitemaraner” is a good example of what can happen when you mix breeds. The dog shown here is a mix of a Weimaraner and a German Shorthair Pointer. Craig Koshyk is calling it a Whitemaraner over on his Pointind Dog blog. Check out this post and this one, too, to find out more about this dog.