Watch & learn: T. R. White Son & Co, Gunmakers …

Watch: T R White & Co Gunmakers, a film  by Matthew Jopling

For 30 years now, T. R. White Son & Co, Gunmakers has been building its reputation as one of Great Britain’s top gunmakers. a background that includes time spent at W. & C. Scott.

T R White & Co Gunmakers, a film by by Matthew Jopling
T. R. White & Co Gunmakers, a film by Matthew Jopling

Established in 1989 by Tony White, whose background includes time spent at W. & C. Scott, the business includes his son, Matthew White, and gun maker Edward Atkinson. Together, they build SxS and OUs, boxlocks and sidelocks. In this video, you can learn a bit more about what drives them to create such beautiful firearms. Watch: T R White & Co Gunmakers, a film  by Matthew Jopling

Boxlock by T. R. White Son & Co, Gunmakers
Boxlock by T. R. White Son & Co, Gunmakers

Old England vs. New England…they sure look a lot alike…

Puck and I are back from hunting. We had a great time. While I download some pics and pull together my thoughts, check out this great video of rough shooting in the UK.

Rough shooting is a lot like the kind of upland hunting we do here in the US. Check out the video to see what I mean, and to see how similar the countryside in Old England is to the stuff we see in New England.

The Driven Pheasant Shoot – an introduction from the BASC…

In the UK, bird hunting is called shooting, and much of this “shooting” is done driven style. Take a look at this quick video from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation to see how driven pheasant shooting is done…

Take a rare look inside the Birmingham proof house…

The “proofing” of individual firearms is something we’ve never really done here the US. But in the UK, Europe, and in other parts of the world, proofing is a process required by law and carried out by independent “proof houses”.

This video takes an interesting look at William Powell, and it worhships the usual gods of the English gunmaking: handfitting, bespoke ordering, tradition, cost, etc. Interesting stuff, but we’ve seen it all before.

The cool part is at 4:16-5:00 and 5:42-6:00. That’s where you get a glimpse of how the Birmingham proof house goes about proofing shotguns. I’ve never seen this recorded on video before, and it’s definitely worth checking out. I love that shot of the smoke puffing out after the testing of the bbls…

Shooting with the King…

The British double barrel shotguns that we revere today, the vintage Purdeys, Bosses, and Holland & Holland Royals, came about in a world of extreme privilege. Kings, Dukes, and other Lords dictated tastes. The few others who could afford it, followed.

Here’s are a couple fascinating looks into that world. This first one is a PDF titled “Shooting with the King at Sandringham”. It’s an account from a “ONE-TIME GUEST” of what to expect if King Edward the VII of England had you out to his place for a couple days of game shooting.

This video shows the same King doing the same thing: shooting at Sandringham.


A fun look at hunting dogs in the UK…

The US and the UK: we both pursue game birds. We just do it in very different ways. Over here we hunt, in the UK they shoot. But on both sides of the Atlantic, well trained dogs are essential to having a good time and doing things right.

Driven shooting in the UK
Days to Remember

Take a look at this video to see how dogs are used on a driven shoot in the British Isles. The video is a bit long, but it gives you a thorough look at how things happens. As a plus, there’s some great video of some cocker and springer spaniels. Enjoy.