Puck and I are back in the game…

Puck in the Field, October  2013
Puck in the Field, October 2013

Well, over two weeks of busting my butt at work has worn me out. I meant to get in the field today, but a big opportunity knocked and my ambition answered, so I spent another day at the desk. But now all’s done.

So tomorrow we’ll be heading up to bird camp. Sunday hunting is not allowed in Maine, but we’ll still hit a couple woodcock covers and see if we can move some birds. I’ll just carry my camera instead of my double. I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow night

Puck in the Field, October  2013
Puck in the Field, October 2013. At 11, she looks great.

Until then, here are some photos from Columbus Day weekend. Puck and I made it out Saturday morning – October 12. Puck is 11 years old this season, so I hunted her just a couple hours. She did a great.

Puck spent September at Grey’s Outfitters in Caratunk, ME. They had her on a light conditioning program, and with some regular runs and lots of love they got her in great shape for the season.  Hats off to Garret and Nellie. I can’t thank them enough.

Enjoy the pics.

Mountain off in the vista
Mountain off in the vista
Bumblebee doing what he does
Bumblebee doing what he does

A great time at Grey’s…

Grey's Outfitting
Grey’s Outfitting

Puck and I spent last Saturday up in Maine with Grey’s Outfitters. We had a great time and we moved 12-14 grouse in all. Unfortunately, I’m a lousy shot, so no birds to take home.

Below are two quick videos from the day. The English Pointer is a young male named Rock.

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