Good gun alert: a 12 gauge I. Hollis hammer shotgun…

12 gauge Isaac Hollis hammer side-by-side shotgun
12 gauge Isaac Hollis hammer side-by-side shotgun

I. Hollis & Sons was a gunmaker in London from about 1861 – 1915. In that time they made everything from quality sporting guns to cheap export pieces. The oneĀ  you see here was probably one of their better pieces and it appears to be in excellent shape. Gulf Coast Guns just listed it for $995. If it’s sound, that’s a real good deal.

Here’s the listing from Gulf Coast’s site:

I. Hollis & Sons Hammer 12 gauge S/S: LOP: 14-1/4″ Drop: 2-1/2″ – 1-1/2″ Cast: 1/8″ Barrel length: 30″ Choke: IC/LM Weight: 7lb10oz. Nice steel barrel English hammer nitro proofed and re-proofed for 2-3/4″, very clean bores, tight action on face, choked for birds, 90%+ blue and color in protected places, all original with heel and toe caps, very nice, 2-3/4″ chambers, chokes – R)740-007, L)740-010. Price: $995.00

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