A great gunsmith wants to inspect your gun…


Have an old double barrel or side-by-side you’re wondering about? Then here’s a great chance to find out more about it. Gunsinternational.com is bringing. Gunsmith Jack Rowe to the 2012 Vintage Cup, happening next weekend in Addieville, RI. Here are the details:

The most knowledgeable English Trained Gunmaker in the U.S. Jack Rowe will be offering gun examinations, similar to those offered at the British Game Fair. If you have questions concerning any of your guns or if you have a gun of unknown maker, English, Belgian, Spanish or German bring it along to the Vintager’s and have Jack Rowe examine it for you. He will be offering examinations similar to those offered at the U.K. Game Fair. Jack’s examination includes origin, maker, history which could possibly includ individuals involved in the making of your gun. Additionally, he can assist in determining the caliber, gauge, barrel wall thickness, chokes, condition, and if the gun is safe to fire. Jack will be charging a small examination fee for each gun.