Is this for real: Winchest M21 16 gauge with a straight grip…

Winchester M21 double barrel shotgun
Winchester M21 double barrel shotgun

I don’t know a thing about Winchester Model 21s. Let me rephrase that. I know just enough about Winchester M21 to wonder if this 16 gauge with double triggers, 28″ barrels, and a straight grip is the real thing. I’ve seen all these features on other M21 double barrel shotguns, but I’ve never seen them all together on a sixteen.

The oddest looking this on this side-by-side is the stock. Even though the gun has a long triggerguard, I just can’t convince myself that the stock is original. So what do you think? If there are any M21 experts out there, let us know. Is this gun the real deal, or just another franken double trying to pass itself off as an American classic?


Auction Alert: Cowan’s — May 2-3, plenty of decent doubles…

Cowan's Auctions, May 2-3
Cowan's Auctions, May 2-3

Cowan’s Auctions in Cincinnati, OH, is having a Firearms & Early Militaria auction on May 2-3. Here’s a complete list of all the shotguns in the sale.

This bunch of Parker side by sides is coming up, along with a handful of other interesting doubles. Here are some that caught my eye:

-12 gauge W.W. Greener Empire Boxlock Double-Barrel Shotgun – straight grip, looks very original

-12g Parker Double-Barrel Shotgun DHE Grade, Two Barrel Set – later production, 60% original case color

-20g Browning BSS Side-by-Side Double-Barrel Shotgun – looks new, 28″ bbls, in original box

-20g Browning Citori Upland Special Over/Under Shotgun – Like-new condition, 24″ barrels

12g Special Order Winchester Model 12 Pigeon Deluxe Pump Action Shotgun – new & unfired, all original, in original box, mfg. for Ed Ulrich

-20g Beretta Model 686 Black Onyx Over/Under Shotgun – straight, new condition, cased

-28g Ruger Red Label Over/Under Shotgun – 28″ bbls, new condition, in original box





Auction Alert- Winchester, L.C. Smith and more…

South Bay Auctions in East Moriches, LI, is having this Antiques, Fine art & Sporting Auction this Saturday, March 31st, 2012. The preview starts at 10:00am and auction begins at noon. There are a handful of nice double barrel shotguns, plus pumps and bolt rifles there, along with some nice sporting art and decoys.

Winchester Model 21 12 gauge at South Bay Auctions
Winchester Model 21 12 gauge at South Bay Auctions

Here are a few of the highlights. All these guns look clean and very original:

12 gauge Winchester Model 21 with 21-2 Engraving 12g

16 gauge L.C. Smith Field Grade

12 gauge Winchester Model 12 Heavy Duck Gun

An as new¬†Winchester Model 12 -20ga. Pump shotgun, 28″ plain barrel

A&F Zanotti 28g. 26″ bbls, ejectors, single trigger, straight grip

Roy Vail Custom Sporting Rifle in .270