Even woodcock like visiting New York City…

Woodcock in Bryant Park. Click on image to go to video.
Woodcock in Bryant Park. Click on image to go to video.

Right now, the American Woodcock is migrating back from its wintering grounds in the southern United States. Many of these softball-sized birds will travel 1000+ miles as they return to their breeding grounds, some from Louisiana all the way to Maine and Canada. They make this trip twice a year. Just think about that. Amazing.

This woodcock decided to stop off in New York City during his trip. It was spotted in Bryant Park, a 4-acre enclave of green in the center of growling Manhattan. I wonder what the little bird made of the place? I do hope he made it out of there. I’ve been to Bryant Park, and while I love visiting, I’m alway glad to get back home.

BTW: Click on the image to go to Youtube and watch the video.

It’s been a hell of a week….

Woodcock lost in Brooklyn, from
Woodcock lost in Brooklyn

So it’s been a long week here at Dogs & Doubles. The company I work for won a big award, so I’ve been out crazy, pulling together a ton of marketing materials to promote the win.  On top of that, it’s still cold here, and even though it’s officially spring, it’s snowing out right now. Oh well.

On a more positive note, a friend send me a link to this picture. This woodcock was found in Brooklyn. Looks like he got lost on his way north. A good samaritan found the little guy stunned in the street and released the little bird in a local park. I hope he found his bearings and is heading this way.