Mistakes – man, I’ve made plenty…

Steady with Style
Steady with Style

In training dogs, and in life, I’ve messed up a bunch. Fortunately, my English Pointer doesn’t hold grudges, and I’ve always had the chance to pick up and start over again.

In the latest post on Martha Greenlee’s excellent blog Steady with Style, she goes into overcoming the mistakes you’ll when you’re training and working your bird dog. As always, I recommend reading all of her piece:

“Anyone that trains a dog makes mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others and sometimes you do harm that cannot be undone. Living with your mistakes is part of becoming a good dog trainer.

Bill West began a seminar in Arizona by telling the audience he had made more mistakes than everyone there combined. It was Bill’s way of saying that making mistakes was part of dog training, and the more dogs you trained, the more mistakes you made. Unfortunately, the fear of making mistakes may hold amateur trainers back. Some are afraid to use too much e-collar while others let their dogs get away with bad behaviors because they are afraid to fix them. Often, both situations create more problems. To quote Maurice Lindley, “If you aren’t making a few mistakes, you aren’t training hard enough.”

I encourage you to read the entire post here.