Five dos and don’ts of bird dog development…

Puppies are a lot like kids: When you’re raising them, there are things you want to do and things you want to avoid. Writer, trainer, and gun-dog lover Betsy Danielson covered five in those points in her latest post at If you have a pup that you would like to turn into a hunting machine, I suggest you check it out now.

The Early Development of Bird Dogs, by Betsy Danielson

“My husband, Jerry Kolter, and I run Northwoods Bird Dogs, a pointing dog breeding and training business.

We’ve found that there are five factors vital to early development of puppies. Some of these practices help foster a good attitude that will make them a better dog in general. Others actually begin the very earliest stages of training—even before the puppy is aware it’s being trained. The five factor are…”

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